Younger and Healthier for Longer

Stephen Lau
Dear Reader:

Thank you for visiting this site.

Well, you are here because of the title,
Younger and Healthier for Longer - A Handbook for Both Men and Women; maybe you should read this book!

Even if you think you already know a great deal, there is something here for you. Truthfully, no one can get enough of help and information when it comes to wanting to be younger and healthier for longer.

Or, you are here because you must be looking for something you most desire in your life.

What do you desire most in your life?

Most probably, to be HAPPY!

Or, for some, perhaps to be RICH! But to be rich is, in fact, using money to buy happiness. It just boils down to the same thing -- to be HAPPY!!

To be happy is contingent on two main factors:YOUTH and HEALTH.

What good would money do if you are old and decrepit? Would money still make you "happy"? Most probably not!

On the other hand . . . .if you have "youth," you can pursue your dreams and make the life you want it to be; if you have "health," you can enjoy the fruits of your aspirations and endeavors.

Unfortunately, both "youth" and "health" will inevitably deteriorate over the years. Nobody can turn back the clock!

The critical point is to keep your "youth" and "health" just "a little longer"!

And this is what this book is all about:

             Younger and Healthier for Longer

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